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ALY 101

Pulsator A02 ( Chrome )

• The pulsator ensures that the vacuum is interrupted at intervals, adjusted according to the desired pulse rate and milking is performed.

• It does not cause any udder diseases during milking.

• It does not leave milk in the breasts of our precious animals that we earn, it allows them to be milked in a more comfortable way.

• In order for our valuable milk producers to produce healthy and more milk, ALYANS PULSATOR should be preferred.


Working system Pneumatic
Usage Area Cow, Sheep, Goat
Milking Rate 60/40 - 70/30 - 50/50
Pulse Rate Adjustable
Pulse Control Diaphragm Mechanism
Air Outlet Dual Output
Inner Plate Inox (Chrome)
Top cover Chrome
Dimensions 91x108x86
Weight 0.330 kg
Side cover Black, Blue, Yellow, Red