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Alyans Plastik Kalıp San. Trade Ltd. Sti. We started to serve the automotive industry in the field of plastic mold manufacturing in 2010. We continue this long and difficult journey without losing our excitement. We laid our foundations for the production of high quality plastics and molds for various industrial fields and applications. We have put professionalism in our business center with production in accordance with international standards in plastic mold manufacturing by advancing in line with the principles of smiling, experience, timely delivery and quality in every mold made.

We continue our activities in our facilities with a closed area of 1000 m² in Konya, together with our personnel who have experience and experience in their field. With our product range, the modern production approach required by the age, our strong machinery, our modern production facility and our well-equipped personnel, we have succeeded in becoming an indispensable part of the industry.

In 2012, we determined that there was a great deficiency in the pulsator (brain) sector, which is the most sensitive part of the milking machine in the livestock sector, and we started our work believing that we could produce this product with the quality of wedding ring molds in a higher quality way. The pulsator, which is the heart of the milking machine, has emerged by transforming the raw material into a product from the mold and collecting all the parts in a single body for our assembly line. Each pulsator is ready by making a pulse adjustment and packaging after passing the test phase. We specialize in the design and manufacture of spare parts used in milking machines.

It was ready for production under the brand name Alyans Pulsator by making pulsator molds with our experienced and young staff in our state-of-the-art machines. Our cooperation with qualified customers in these sectors has enabled us to improve our experience and quality, making us one of the first organizations that come to mind in the sector.

Appropriate service, human health and environmentally friendly production is our basic policy. Wedding Ring Pulsator; With its innovation and advancing technological infrastructure, it is proud to continue to be the export leader in its sector in a global sense. By touching 80% of the domestic market, we assumed the leadership of the sector. Now we continue our export activities to Asian, European, African and Balkan countries. By prioritizing our pre-sales and post-sales customer satisfaction, we continue to move forward with firm steps, aiming for rapid growth. We are very pleased to present our pulsators to the service of our valued users.




• Leaving a more livable world to future generations by protecting natural resources,

• To carry out the customer-oriented management approach as a chain from pre-production to after-sales service by considering the customer-business relationship with a lifelong understanding,

• To maintain the customer-business relationship with zero error by anticipating customer expectations,

• Seeing the understanding of quality, which started before production, as a sustainable management approach, to ensure that it is adopted in every cell of the enterprise,

• To meet customer price expectations without sacrificing product quality


• To be a brand that touches people and nature,

• To continuously increase our quality line that provides added value,

• To protect and increase our brand added value by combining change and transformation with business traditions,

• To adopt an understanding that plans the future, not the present, as production and management,

• To operate with a technology and innovation-oriented corporate behavior




Acting with the principle of "Sustainable Environment", ensuring and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System implemented with the participation of all employees, while performing its products / services in accordance with the terms of the Environmental Management System;

• To fully comply with Environmental Legislation requirements,

• To fully comply with the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standard,

• To fully comply with the environmental conditions demanded by the customers,

• To fully comply with other committed environmental conditions,

• To act in cooperation for a clean, livable and sustainable environment with the participation of our employees, subcontractors, visitors and all parties affected by our activities. To carry out activities to increase the environmental awareness of all parties,

• Reducing resource (paper, cartridge, etc.) consumption by moving our processes to digital platforms,

• Contributing to environmental performance by reducing natural resource consumption and increasing energy efficiency,

• To prevent environmental pollution by ensuring the disposal of wastes generated in product/service realization processes in accordance with the legislation, to develop plans for recycling,

• To identify potential emergencies that may affect the environment during our activities with proactive thinking, to take the necessary precautions in advance and to be ready for emergencies,

• To be an exemplary organization that respects the society and environment we live in.

• To ensure that waste is reduced to the lowest level by taking all measures to prevent environmental pollution and that recycling is supported by agreeing with authorized recycling companies,

• We use recycling and reuse alternatives by reducing the waste that may occur as a result of production, transportation, stocking, operation and maintenance activities.


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