Our company production; processes are inspected from start to finish;
-Plastic Injection: (Plastic Injection Molding Machines; 200 tons/ 400 gr. (3) , 120 tons / 200 gr. (1)
-Analysis tests; Pulsator test analyzers,
-Molding Room (CNC (3) – Milling (1), Plunge Erosion (1), Conventional Machines, (Milling, Lathe, Drill etc.)


It continues to develop and develop with its departments and constantly developing strong machine park.


In addition to new product models and mold design, in our R&D department, which is the starting point of quality and the appropriate raw material and forming method are selected, the products go through intensive performance tests before they are put on the market. Alyans Pulsator, which develops mold and injection processes at international standards in its modern production facilities that are constantly developed and renewed with its R&D center, uses the most technologically advanced software and equipment to ensure precision and quality production in the products it produces.


As Alyans Pulsator, together with the rapidly depleting natural resources, the environment, which is increasingly important today; We believe that it is one of the most important treasures to be left to the next generations in the future. Our company, which plans every stage of production with the awareness that protecting nature will start with protecting people, makes an extra effort at the point of hygiene.


We act with the awareness of protecting and developing the natural environment and leaving a more livable environment for the future, and we act by minimizing the possible damages to the environment in all production and operational processes.


For this reason, we strive to provide hygiene to everyone our products reach, especially our most valuable added value, our employees.



After researching and developing the problematic products in the sector and designing the mold, we start the production. High quality, reliable and fast production is carried out in order to produce world-class products, to be the best solution partner of manufacturers and to ensure the industrialization of new approaches. In line with this principle, we offer all the products that we produce as leaders in the sector, to the service of our users.


Product Quality Processes;

1) The production of plastic injection machines is controlled by the production control department every hour.

2) The products assembled in the assembly department are forwarded to our quality control unit to pass the control stage.

3) Balance and pulse rates are checked with pulsator test analyzers.

4) Controlled products are hygienically ready for shipment in our packaging department.


In line with the target of error-free and robust products, with the quality control monitoring processes applied during the production stages in order to provide trouble-free products to the sectors we work with; A smooth production process is carried out with statistical analyzes at all stages and controls made at various points of the production processes. Analysis report, processing time, operation records, compliance and quality reports of each product are recorded.


In order to maximize customer satisfaction in the sectors we work in, we support our production processes with detailed controls and statistical analyzes covering our production processes from start to finish


We continue to adopt a quality-driven approach, maintaining our commitment to provide our customers with the highest level of reliable and trouble-free products.


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